Best OpenShift Training institute in Delhi

Intaglio Solutions, a comprehensive IT training institute, stands out as the premier destination for OpenShift training in Delhi. With a rich legacy spanning 20 years in delivering OpenShift Training, we also provide convenient online courses. Our instructors boast two decades of experience in Red Hat technology, ensuring top-notch education.

Regular exams for OpenShift are conducted at our training centers, ensuring students' progress and proficiency. Over the years, we have successfully trained over 2000 students in OpenShift across Delhi/NCR, demonstrating our commitment to producing skilled professionals in the field.

Course contents:

DO180 OpenShift
1. Introducing Container Technology
2. Creating Containerized Services
3. Managing Containers
4. Managing Container Images
5. Creating Custom Container Images
6. Deploying Containerized Applications on openshift
7. Deploying Multi-Container Applications
8. Troubleshooting Containerized Applications

Open shift DO280
1. Introduction to Red Hat OpenShift Container Platform
2. Install OpenShift Container Platform
3. Explore networking concepts
4. Execute commands
5. OpenShift Container Platform resources
6. Persistent Storage
7. Manage application deployments
8. Metrics subsystem
9. Manage and monitor
10. Comprehensive review