Data Analytics Training

Data Analytics, Data Science Training

Intaglio Solutions stands as the premier institute for Data Analytics training in Delhi. With a 2-year track record, we offer both in-person and online training. Our instructors possess 5 years of expertise in Data Analytics, delivering Industrial and Summer Training programs. We specialize in cultivating proficient individuals in the field of Data Analytics, ensuring comprehensive education and practical skills development.

Data Analytics Course Syllabus
1.1 Big Data Analytics Syllabus
1.2 BSc Computer Science with Data Analytics Syllabus
1.3 MBA in Data Analytics Syllabus
1.4 BSc Data Analytics Syllabus
Data Analytics Subjects
2.1 Data Structure and Algorithms 2.2 Probability and Statistics
2.3 Business Fundamentals
2.4 Text Analytics
2.5 Data Collection

2.6 Data Visualization ⊄⊄Top Data Analytics Skills in
3.1 Python
3.2 Microsoft Excel
3.3 R Programming
3.4 SQL
3.5 Machine Learning
⊄⊄Top Data Analytics Books
⊄⊄ Top Data Analytics Tools and Software
⊄⊄ Data Analytics Syllabus: FAQs