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Intaglio Solutions, a comprehensive IT training institute, is renowned as the top choice for Azure training in Delhi. With a rich history of 8 years in delivering Microsoft Azure Training, we also offer convenient online courses. Our instructors boast 10 years of hands-on experience in Azure technology and are all certified in Azure.

We offer a range of training programs, including Industrial Training and Summer Training in Azure in Delhi/Noida. Our flexible scheduling options include 4-week, 45-day, and 6-week/month training sessions in Azure to accommodate various learning needs.

Having successfully trained over 5000 students in Azure across Delhi/NCR, we take pride in our commitment to producing skilled professionals in the field. Additionally, we provide complete solutions by offering Azure training bundled with exam vouchers, ensuring a seamless learning experience for our students.

Course contents:

Microsoft Azure Solutions Architect : AZ-104 Latest Course Content

1. Introduction to Cloud Computing
2. Data Center Architecture
3. Azure Global Infrastructure
4. Compute = Virtual Machine
5. Autoscaling= ScaleSet
6. Load Balancing
7. IP Addressing & Subnetting
9. NAT
10. Storage Account
11. AppService
12. Azure DNS
13. Traffic Manager
14. Routing Policies
15. Azure CDN
16. Azure VPN
17. Express Route
18. IAM- AD
19. Azure Monitor
20. Database SQL
21. Cosmos DB
22. Advisor Recommendation
23. Support Plans
24. Azure Functions
25. Automation Account
26. Azure Calculator
27. Well Architected Frameworks
28. Azure Backup
29. DR (Disaster Recovery) Setup
30. Azure High availability Design
31. Azure Design Principals
32. Shared Responsibility Model
33. Azure Best Practices (Cost + Security)
34. Azure Calculator & Consolidated Billing
35. Containers
36. Project Requirement
37. Project Design

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