Google Cloud Training

Intaglio Solutions, a leading IT training institute, excels in providing Google Cloud Platform training in Delhi. With a solid track record spanning 5 years in delivering Google Cloud Platform Training, we also offer convenient online courses. Our instructors possess a decade of experience in cloud technology and are all certified in Google Cloud.

We offer a variety of training programs, including Industrial Training and Summer Training in Google Cloud, available in Delhi/Noida. Our flexible scheduling options cater to diverse learning needs, with 4-week, 45-day, and 6-week/month training sessions in Google Cloud.

Having successfully trained over 4000 students in Google Cloud across Delhi/NCR, we take pride in our dedication to fostering skilled professionals in the field. Additionally, we provide both GCA and GCP training programs, ensuring comprehensive learning opportunities for our students.

Duration of Google Cloud PlatformTraining per Module 50 Hours

Course contents:

Google Cloud Platform Training Modules.

1. What is Cloud Computing? and Why GCP?
2. Cloud Computing and Basic Concepts
3. IAM - Identity and Access Management
4. Compute Engine
5. Storage: Google Cloud Storage (GCS)
6. Networking Basics (optional)
7. Load Balancing and Autoscaling
8. VPC (Virtual Private Cloud)
9. Cloud SQL
10. Cloud Spanner
11. Bigdata And Other Database/Storage Services
12. Compute Services
13. Management Tools
14. GKE (Google Kubernetes Engine)