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Course contents:


This course provides participants with in-depth coverage and hands-on practical exercises using the latest features of the Spring and Hibernate frameworks. Participants will begin by learning how to configure the Spring environment, wire up beans, and implement the powerful inversion of control (IOC) features that have made Spring so popular. Participants will also learn to make use of Spring's aspect-oriented programming feature set, first by learning AOP basics and then applying those concepts within a Spring-enabled environment. The built-in Spring MVC architecture will also be explored. Also, Springremoting and web service features will be examined. Participants will learn how to map Java objects to relational data while exploring the transaction and persistence management features built into the Hibernate framework. Participants will examine the built-in and customizable Hibernate mapping types as well as the Hibernate Query Language (HQL), an object-oriented SQL-like querying language. Advanced Hibernate storing and fetching techniques are looked at also. Integration into the Spring Framework and into other frameworks, such as Struts, are also explored via lectures and exercises.
Upon completion of this course participants will have developed a complete application using Spring and Hibernate-based enterprise APIs. Hands-on labs reinforce the lecture topics while providing practical experience. Emphasis is placed on the Spring IOC and AOP capabilities, Hibernate APIs, mapping features, and application integration.

Advantage of the COURSE

This course is designed for Java EE developers looking to explore Java's most promising open-source frameworks available today. Experience with Java EE technologies is extremely helpful in deriving the most benefit from this course, though it is not required.
Upon completion of this course, the participant will be able to:
• Configure a Spring-based application using XML and the Application Context
• Wire up beans and understand Spring's inversion of control container
• Learn AOP basics and incorporate before, after, and around advice into a Spring application
• Configure the Hibernate persistence service for use within an application
• Incorporate various object-relational mappings and Hibernate typing
• Utilize the HQL, externalize and parameterize queries
• Explore the Hibernate API including transactions and caching techniques
• Seamlessly integrate Hibernate into the Spring Framework by developing a sophisticated data access object and business service architecture
• Utilize other Spring services including remoting, web services, and Spring MVC
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