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Course contents:

CORE JAVA Syllabus

Core java Introduction to Java
6 hrs
o Evolution of Java
o Object Oriented Programming Structure
o Internet Programming & its requirements
o Platform Independency & Portability o Security
o Relation b/w JVM, JRE and JDK
o Description of a Simple Java Program
o Introduction to JAR format
o Naming Conventions
OOPs Implementation
30 hrs
o Classes and Objects
o Defining attributes and methods
o Implementing data encapsulation
o Relation b/w objects and reference variables
o Constructors and Anonymous block
o Method Overloading
o Static Data members, Block & methods
o Understanding Memory structure
o Stack
o Heap
o Class & Method area
o Understanding Class loading & Execution flow
o Static vs Dyanmic class loading
o Implicit vs Explicit class loading
o Sequence of operations performed at the time of class loading
o Argument Passing Mechanism & Wrapper classes
o Passing primitive arguments
o Passing objects
o Wrapper classes & their use
o Usage of this keyword
o Referencing instance members
o Intra class constructor chaining
o Method chaining
o Inheritance & code reusability
o Extending classes for code reusability
o Usage of super keyword
o Method Overriding
o Object class and its role
o Inheritance & Runtime polymorphism
o Static & Dynamic binding
o Inheritance and Is-A relation
o Runtime polymorphism and generalization
o Abstract classes & methods
o final keyword
o Interfaces and Role based Inheritance
o Difference b/w Feature & Role based Inheritance
o Difference b/w Static & Dynamic classing Environment
o Difference b/w classes & interfaces
o Use of interfaces in real scenarios
o Implementing Has-A relation
o Difference b/w Aggregation & Composition
o Nested classes and their role
o Inner classes
o Anonymous Inner class
Package & Scopes
? Need of packages
? Associating classes to packages
? Understanding Classpath environment variable
? import keyword and feature of static import
? public, protected, private & default scope
? Private Inheritance and its use
? Examples of private inheritance
Exception Handling

6 hrs
o Difference b/w exception and error
o Exception Handling & Robustness
o Common Exceptions and Errors
o try and catch block
o Exception handlers & importance of their order
o throw keyword and its usage
o throws keyword and its usage
o Checked and Unchecked Exceptions
o Role of finally
o Creating User defined Exceptions
MultiThreading in Java

10 hrs
o Multitasking and Multithreading
o Thread based execution model of Java Applications
o Relation b/w Runnable interface and Thread class
o States of Thread
o Implementing User threads
o Thread synchronization & mutual exclusivity
o Inter Thread communication and Thread scheduling
o Understanding and using Monitor
o Thread deadlock and Interrupting Threads
o ThreadGroup and its use
o Daemon Threads and their use
Input Output Streams

8 hrs
o Streams & their advantages over conventional input output
o Commonly used byte oriented streams
o Commonly used character oriented streams
o Reading & writing data from different streams
o Redirecting Standard input & output streams
o Serialization
o Use of transient keyword
o Role of serialversionUID
o File class and File System Interaction
o Scanner class
o StreamTokenizer and StringTokenizer

6 hrs
o InetAddress class and Factory Design Pattern
o Understanding socket and port
o TCP/IP based networking using Socket & Server Socket
o UDP based networking using DatagramSocket and DatagramPacket
o HTTP based networking using URL and URLConnection

4 hrs
o Understanding object representation of classes
o Loading classes dynamically
o Instantiating classes indirectly
o Obtaining information of classes dynamically
o Invoking methods indirectly
o Referencing data members indirectly
o Overriding access policy and referencing private members
Collection Framework

16 hrs
o Role and Importance of Collection Framework
o Use of List & Set based collection
o Use of Iterator & ListIterator
o Use of Maps
o Searching elements in List, Hash and Tree based collections
o Role of equals and hashCode() methods
o Role of Comparable and Comparator interfaces
o Thread safety and Vector
o Difference b/w Enumeration and Iterator
o Type safety and Generics
o Common algorithms and Collections class
o Using Properties class for managing properties files
I18n or Internationalization

4 hrs
. Role of Locale class in i18n
. Using NumberFormat class for applying number & currency formatting
. Using DateFormat class for applying date & time formatting
Using ResourceBundle and properties files for internationalizing textual contents.
Database Connectivity Using JDBC 4.x

10 hrs
o Overview of native and ODBC Drivers
o Introduction to JDBC
o Type of JDBC drivers
o Using different type of drivers
o Defining properties based Connection Factory
o Performing basic database operations
o Insert
o Delete
o Update
o select
o PreparedStatement
o Difference b/w Statement & PreparedStatement
o Setting Query parameters
o Executing Queries
o CallabeStatement
o Creating PL/SQL Stored procedures and functions
o Creating Callable statements
o Executing procedures & functions
o Misc
? Batch Updation
? Transacting queries
? Programmatic initialization of database
? Scrollabe & Updatable Resultset
? ResultSetMetaData
? DatabaseMetaData
? Connection Pooling and DataSource
? Implementation of DAO design pattern

Advantage of the COURSE

Write, compile, and execute a Java program using the Eclipse IDE
• Learn Object-Oriented Programming concepts such as inheritance and polymorphism
• Create simple GUI applications with AWT and Swing using NetBeans IDE
• Use Java's exception handling framework
• Write efficient applications through multi-threading
• Read and write files
• Access databases using JDBC
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